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If you are interested in learning more about buying a business, need some more help, interested in going down this path but are stuck….happy to help.

We’ll see if we’re a fit. 1 on 1 coaching. Help on Deal Evaluation and Structure. Intro’s to my top marketers, lawyers, etc.


Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

These links help me launch the podcast, editing and recording and are equivalent to buying me a cheap protein bar. 🙂

Buying / Selling Marketplaces

Centurica – (Marketplace Aggregator) – They also have a service that will evaluate a business before buying it. Use them after under LOI.



Buy Then Build by Walker Deibel – I would start here. This is the best book to dip your toes or go all in on Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.

HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business: Think Big, Buy Small, Own Your Own Company (HBR Guide Series) – Richard S. Ruback and Royce Yudkoff

The Compound Effect: Multiply Your Success One Simple Step at a Time – Darren Hardy (not about buying companies but very applicable) – Slow and Steady wins the race. 

Best Course – 6 Months to CEO – I bought 2 businesses after taking this course. This course follows the book closely but way more hands with resources to get you started in buying a business. 


Idea Generation – THIS IS THE BEST EMAIL YOU’LL GET A WEEK. 100% worth it. The Facebook Group is worth so much more. A paid, weekly newsletter that showcases industries, ideas, trends that are all new and emerging. “We track up-and-coming startup trends and explain how to pounce on them.” Incredibly fascinating and will make your brain spin with new ideas for your start up. 

The Hustle – Free, daily newsletter. Stay Up-To-Date on everything from technology to markets to interesting business models. I’ve read this newsletter daily since early 2016. 


Online Tools, Tricks and Cards

Chase Credit Cards – 3x points on all digital spend + a huge sign up bonus (yeah I’ve gone to Hawaii 2x and FL for mostly free in the past 3 years with this card)

CapitalOne – 2x on all spend + a huge sign up bonus (applies to anything travel on any airline/hotel, etc.) – Download this Chrome extension. It will tell you all the tools being used on a particular website. – All things links, keywords, site rankings. – Great resource for checking page views and visitors to a site. This will give you a general overview of traffic. Downside is this only works for larger sites with enough traffic. – Paid service to evaluate online businesses

Google Analytics


Out Sourcing